Stolen Gifts For Sick Children Replaced

After thieves stole more than $2,000 worth of toys and frozen turkeys being collected in Lexington for sick kids and needy families, a Lexington motorcycle club put out a plea for help.

And help is what they received.

On Dec. 23, motorcyclists with the "Bopsters" came roaring up the entrance of the Shriners Hospital where the toys were unloaded.

Five days after the burglary, the stolen gifts had been replaced more than two times over.

"We count on our donations 24/7, 365 days of the year. We always like donations. At Christmas time, we get a lot more donations, but we really hope and encourage people all year round to give to our hospitals because it really is a need," explained Kristin Kearns, with the Shriners Hospital.

We're told a lot of the toys donated after the burglary were from disadvantaged people, barely able to afford gifts for their own families.

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