Christmas Enthusiast Has 110 Christmas Trees In Home

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It's that time of the year again when we check in with Christmas enthusiast Louise Colston, who puts up and decorates a houseful of Christmas trees.

If you remember, we told you two years ago that Colston had 50 trees in her home.

Last year, she upped that number to 80.

We traveled back to Auburn to see how many trees Colston has squeezed into her house this holiday season.

Just how many Christmas trees can one house hold?

Louise Colston's determined to find out.

This year, the number's extended into the triple digits.

"I have 110," she says proudly.

While 9 of them greet you from the outside of her home, the other 101 fill every inch of the inside rooms... well not every room.

"I have one more room upstairs that I'd like to fill next year and I could put several in it," said Colston.

Every room has at least one tree in it, even the bathroom and these "tannenbaums" range greatly in size.

"9 feet and the littlest is 12 inches," she exclaims.

Louise is always on the look out for different ornaments to adorn her "forest" of trees.

"I search all year; yard sales, stores, after-Christmas sales. My kids and grand-kids get me ornaments," describes Colston.

Over the past two years, her tree-filled house has gotten her lots of attention when she goes out, which she says she doesn't mind.

"It makes me feel good because they know the reason for the season and I do it for my kids and grand-kids and my family and friends," says Colston.

So with 110 trees already in her house and Colston showing no signs of slowing down...we wanted to find out how many trees to expect next year, but Colston's keeping that a secret.

"No, my husband said "that's a surprise... a big surprise," she slyly notes.

Colston started putting up her trees back in September.

She says she almost didn't meet her goal this year because of surgery she had on a broken collarbone a few months ago.

But her family and friends helped pick up the slack and decorate.

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