Holiday Spirit Spreads Throughout Country

Many of us spent Christmas Day relaxing with family and friends.

But others put the Christmas spirit into practice, turning their time into kindness for the less fortunate.

It has been a Christmas unlike any other for Peggy Buchner and Robert Rodgers.

The couple collects cans to make ends meet. This year, a Secret Santa sent them $1,000 each in the mail.

"I didn't believe it. I never had nobody done this for me. Nobody done this for me," explained Buchner.

"She came back out and says $1,000! I ain't never seen $1,000 and my heart dropped all the way down to my stomach. I didn't know what words to say," added Rodgers.

People in Kansas City had plenty to say to this Secret Santa.

He handed out more than 600 $100 dollar bills.

"Thank you so much; you don't know how much this really means," stated one woman.

Not-so-Secret Santa Father Maurice Chase gave out $15,000 dollars, along with blessings for the poor on L.A.'s Skid Row.

"It's not the money so much, it's the fact that somebody cares about them, loves them, smiles at them," explained Father Chase of The Skid Row Charity Fund.

And what would Christmas be without food?

Volunteers served up one of the largest Christmas dinners in the world for thousands at Atlanta's Turner Field.

In Houston, the crowd was slightly smaller, but just as joyful.

"We're happy to be here; it's really a blessing," said one person.

With that happiness comes great insight.

"I learn to be grateful for everything I have and I know I have presents for Christmas and they don't," said Jesse Washington, a volunteer.

All remembering the true spirit of the season.

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