Panama Plane Crash Victim Awaits Rescue

Rescuers in Panama are struggling against rain and cold weather to get a 12-year-old American girl to the hospital.

She's the lone survivor of a plane crash that killed a prominent California businessman and his 13-year-old daughter, along with their pilot.

The bodies of Michael Klein and daughter Talia were found the afternoon of Dec. 25 at the crash site, 35-hundred feet up the side of a volcano.

Rescuers who reached the remote location have set up a makeshift shelter where Talia's friend Francesca Lewis is being treated.

There is no specific word on her condition, but officials say she has multiple injuries and is suffering from hypothermia.

Investigators are probing the cause of the crash,but witnesses had seen the plane flying unusually low and apparently being buffeted by the wind.

The 37-year-old Klein headed a Santa Barbara-based company that manages several hedge funds.

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