California Girl Who Survived Plane Crash in Panama Reunites With Family

A 12-year-old California girl who survived a devastating plane crash in Panama is reunited with her family.

Francesca Lewis' parents say that it's a miracle she survived.

Francesca Lewis has quite a story to tell.

The 12-year-old survived a plane crash, then several days alone, stranded in a remote mountainous region of Panama.

Speaking over the phone, her mother says rescuers found her delirious and dehydrated, but amazingly without a single broken bone.

"She was upside down in the plane, 50 feet in the air, in a tree," said Valerie Lewis, the mother of the young girl.

Lewis had been on vacation with a friend Talia Klein, and Talia's father Michael.

They had been flying from an island resort, which Michael Klein owned, and heading to a town called Volcan.

Their plane crashed on the south side of the Boru Volcano. Investigators say it appears it hit a tree and was torn apart.

Father, daughter and the pilot, were killed, leaving Lewis the sole survivor.

"The more were learning about the physical trauma, it's really a miracle," explained the girls mother.

Lewis' family is in Panama, and says they are grateful.

"We would just really like to thank all the people of Panama, it's just been really extraordinary, but what's support we've been given and how kind everybody has been," stated Kirk Lewis, father of Francesca.

Michael Klein was a successful business man, his daughter just 13 years old.

The Panamanian pilot who died with them was 23-year-old Edwin Lasso.

As one family celebrates survival, two others are in mourning.

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