Timmy Keown Appears at Preliminary Hearing in Butler County

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The first of two scheduled preliminary hearings for Timmy Keown was held in Morgantown the morning of Dec. 27.

He faces charges for possession of meth, possession of precursors to meth, and second degree wanton endangerment.

The hearing also shed new light on accusations by Morgantown resident Sheena Embry that she witnessed Keown murder an unidentified girl and dispose of the body.

Morgantown Police Chief Billy Phelps took the stand at the Butler County courthouse for Timmy Keown's preliminary hearing.

He says Sheena Embry admits buying supplies for making meth with Keown, but says Embry claims she does not remember taking any drugs or the name of the girl she says Keown murdered in an apartment above a Morgantown dry cleaners.

But according to Embry, she does remember what happened.

"They carried her down to the car, drove down to the river, a few feet onto the boat ramp, and pushed her out into the water," explained Chief Phelps, recalling Embry's account.

Police found Embry injured and covered in blood December 10. Chief
Phelps says details of the alleged murder didn't come out until about two days after Embry left the hospital and had time to speak with her therapist.

"This isn't something I would think anyone would do, especially in a small town like this," says Embry. "I've only had brief encounters with him. He's never given me the slightest inclination he'd do something like this."

Keown is being held in Butler County where he says he's not guilty of the charges.

"They did have polygraph tests, Mr. Keown become uncooperative in his, so his was ended by the polygraph specialist. Mrs. Embry completed her test, it's inconclusive," Chief Phelps adds.

Last week, the Butler County Rescue Squad searched the Green River, but Chief Phelps says with neither a name for a victim or a missing persons report, the searching has stopped.

"We did an initial search of the boat ramp because we had statements saying we needed to, and we did. We found nothing," Chief Phelps says. "As far as that's concerned, we're not going to go further with it, until more information becomes available."

Chief Phelps says results of a blood test conducted in the apartment Embry was found in are expected in three weeks. He says that should prove whether a second person was in the apartment on the night in question.

An analysis of Embry's blood has been done to see if she was on drugs at the time she claims this incident happened.

Meanwhile, Timmy Keown is being held on a one hundred thousand dollar cash bond.

His preliminary hearing on charges of tampering with physical evidence and first degree rape is scheduled for Jan 4.

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