Warren County Family Loses Possessions In Christmas Day Fire

A Christmas Day fire leaves a Warren County family without many of its possessions, and now a fund has been set up to help.

The Goss family lost clothing and items when flames destroyed part of their home.

A side room caught fire after an old heater sparked a couch where one of the Goss' oldest children lay sleeping.

However, The young man was able to alert his family about the fire.

"If it wasn't for him waking me up and my daughter up, we may not be here today," stated Donald Goss, whose home suffered from the fire damage.

A relief fund has been set up for the family.

You can help by stopping by any Integra Bank location, where you can donate to the "Puckett-Goss Family Fund."

The Goss family says they didn't have insurance at the time of the blaze.

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