Pakistan In Crisis as Bhutto Buried

The government of Pakistan said on Dec. 28 it has evidence that Al Qaeda was behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Her supporters immediately cast blame on the rival Musharraf regime when Bhutto was murdered

Her funeral on Dec. 28 was a massive outpouring of public grief.

Hundreds of thousands of mourners filled the streets near Larkana, Pakistan Dec. 28 morning, as the ambulance carrying the coffin of Benazir Bhutto made its way to her family's mausoleum.

The 54-year-old opposition leader was shot and killed after a political rally on Dec. 27.

20 others were also killed by a suicide bomber.

"How can this blast happen amid so much security," said one Bhutto supporter.

Bhutto's husband and one of her three children could be seen approaching the gravesite.

Some wept, others shouted "Benazir is alive" as the plain wooden coffin, draped in the flag of her Pakistan's people's party, was placed in a grave beside her father and brothers, who were also assassinated.

"What has happened is incredibly tragic and we recognize that she is the fourth Bhutto to die and she is a 'Shahid,' said Zulfqar Ali Bhutto Bhutto's nephew.

At least 23 dead people have died in the past day as Bhutto supporters, many of whom blame President Pervez Musharraf's government for the assassination, rioted in several cities, less than two weeks before crucial elections.

"We are all very sad of Benazir's death may God grant her a place in heaven, but her supporters should not burn cars," said Mohammad Ilyas, a local resident.

But Pakistan's interior minister now says Al-Qaida and the Taliban were behind the attack.

The family requested a private funeral.

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice will go to the Pakistan Embassy here in Washington on Dec. 28 to sign the condolence book.

Pakistan is covered in violence following Bhutto's assassination.

There have been reports of mobs burning ten railway stations and several trains.

And a senior railroad official says rioters have uprooted a section of track leading to the Indian border.

Bus services have also been canceled.

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