Judge Denies Goodrum Trial Move

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The trial of the man accused of raping and murdering WKU freshman Katie Autry will go on as scheduled, beginning next week in Owensboro.

Special Judge Tom Castlen today denied the defense's second request for a change of venue.

Goodrum's attorneys and prosecutors had agreed to ask the judge to move the death penalty trial to Louisville and delay it until November, in an effort to find a jury pool that hadn't been tainted by pretrial publicity.

Judge Castlen did grant the defense's first request to move the trial from Bowling Green to Owensboro, after the defense's phone survey showed potential bias in the local jury pool.

Goodrum's lawyers say a phone survey conducted in Owensboro shows a similar bias, but Judge Castlen's decision today means the trial will move ahead as scheduled.

Jury selection is set to begin March 1st at the Holbrook Judicial Center.