Before Iowa Caucuses, Candidates Go Into Overdrive

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All the presidential bandwagons are parked in Iowa on Dec. 28.

There is little holiday in this holiday season for the candidates, who have barely more than a week to woo voters in the first contest of the campaign .

ABC's Linsey Davis tells us the race to be front runner is getting hotter by the day.

With Christmas now behind us, the presidential contenders are pulling out all the stops.

The road to the White House veered into foreign policy on Dec. 27 as the candidates sounded off on the assassination of Banazir Bhutto-- each one trying to convince Americans why they would be better at handling an international crisis.

"I know the players I know the individuals, and I know the best way to address this situation," said McCain.

While Bhutto's death caused candidates to highlight their foreign policy credentials, polls show domestic issues are still the primary concern of Americans.

And with Iowa's caucuses only a week away, the top Democratic contenders are in a virtual three-way tie for the lead in Iowa.

For the Republicans, it appears to be a two-way fight between Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.

In the closing stage before the first votes are cast a barrage of new ads bombarding the airwaves.

While Rudy Giuliani has been criticized for basing his campaign on September 11, that hasn't stopped him from releasing a new commercial using 9/11 imagery.

In a last-ditch effort to sway undecided voters their way, the campaigns are spending three times more money on ads than the candidates did in 2004.

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