"Play Ball" Plan Gets State Funding

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Baseball in Bowling Green is a step closer to reality today.

The House version of the tax reform plan creates a special taxing district for the downtown area around where the proposed ballpark would go.

Under the plan, if you opened a new business in that six block area half of all of your state taxes would be used to help reimburse the 15-million dollar cost of the ballpark.

It's a plan designed to pay for the park without putting additional strains on already existing businesses.

Local lawmakers credit House Speaker and Bowling Green native Jody Richards for adding the financing to the state's plan.

"I think it's really important for our community because it will help that area develop really quickly, rather than 20 years as had been the original plan," Richards says.

But the original "Play Ball" plan approved by city commissioners last week calls for a taxing district to contribute 100% of its taxes to the property, not just 50%.

Mayor Elaine Walker told WBKO today that she is excited to have some of the funding in place, but she wonders if only getting half of the new taxes will be enough to cover the cost.