State Police Obtain Warrant to Arrest Florence Man In Jail Shooting

State police say they have obtained a warrant to arrest a man who walked into a Northern Kentucky jail armed with a gun.

31-year-old Joey Montgomery of Florence was shot by a sheriff's deputy and taken to a Cincinnati hospital.

Police charged Montgomery on Dec. 28 with criminal attempt to commit the murder of a police officer.

Authorities say the man entered the jail lobby and demanded to see the jailer.

When he was told he couldn't, sheriff's officials said he began arguing with the worker in the lobby and waving a gun in the air.

A sheriff's deputy was called to try and calm the man, and they encountered each other outside.

The deputy was forced to shoot the suspect when he wouldn't cooperate.

"Thank goodness he's still with us, he's very lucky. Any officer, who gets out and does this job, takes this risk every night, that they're working everyday. And just thankful that we're here, and that he wasn't injured," said Sheriff Chuck Dills of Grant County.

Dills said the deputy feared for his safety and that of others.

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