A Parent's Guide

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When it comes to taming a child's wild ways, British Super Nanny Jo Frost is considered a godsend to desperate parents in the UK and the US.

After spending 25 years practicing and teaching child psychology, Dr. Bill Pfohl is not surprised by the show's success.

"These are things we've always known and Supernanny seems to be able to do better than anyone else, but we can all do it if we work at it.

Dr. Pfohl says there are more than 400 books out on how to raise kids, and they don't all agree. But he says one thing is certain. Parents should be seeking more knowledge about the most important job they will ever have.

"Parenting really is work. We have to really become concerned with how to be better parents.”

Mother of four Robin Shea couldn't agree more.

“There's just no room for laziness in parenting. You have to react and all of the sudden reactions are further and further apart because they are monitoring themselves.”

Robin says the routines emphasized on "Supernanny" are what makes the behavior modification so successful.

“The one thing the Supernanny is is consistent. Children are so simple with an ounce of consistency and expectation.”

Robin's husband Greg says it works in their home.

“We find that if we continually do the same thing and kids realize mom and dad want you to do things a certain way, and mom and dad aren't going to change. Kids will adapt to mom and dad quickly.”

With the added stress on today's families, Dr. Pfohl says it’s important for parents not to carry over to the children poor ways to handle it.

“If we blow up and explode all the time, don't understand why kids are. They are watching us.”

And when things get out of control, it's the firm and forceful boundaries used on Supernanny that often brings the whole family back in harmony.

Some other nanny notes for getting kids to be on their best behavior:

- Never give into a tantrum. Put the child in a safe space and remove attention.
-Praise in a happy, high-pitched voice, opposite from the voice of authority.
-Establish a daily routine with meal time and bed time as the cornerstones.