Community Meets Proposed Subdivision With Resistance

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There's a battle brewing about land on Plum Springs Road in North Warren County. It stems from a proposed new subdivision.

Chris Gravil is against the proposed neighborhood. He says: "We're not against the property adjoining us being developed. We just think it should be conforming to what's already there. The lot sizes should bigger."

If the subdivision goes along as planned that means that 269 houses will go in on these 97 acres. Meaning each house will only be about 1400 square feet.

Judy Jones says: "This area here people come out here for the main reason that it's quiet. You've got acre lots. You can build a nice home. It's very peaceful. That subdivision is designed like a trailer park."

Judy Jones lives in Meadowview right next to the proposed neighborhood. She's concerned about the amount of traffic that would come along with it.

Jones says: "I think it's going to overload the community out here, by far."

Brent Travelsted represents residents of Meadowview against the proposed subdivision. He says: "You're talking about this 2,700 or 2,900 depending on the day of the trip as referenced in the traffic study that vast majority are going to come out of this lesser density neighborhood and it's going to seriously degrade the value."

But the developer of the proposed subdivision, Steve Snodgrass, says there wouldn't be any traffic burden that Plum Springs Road couldn't handle.

Snodgrass says: "Basically there's not that much change in the traffic study. County roads and state roads are built for traffic. Yeah there will be more homes but as far as major bottleneck there's not going to be much of an impact."

Snodgrass says the community he's developing is geared toward people who want smaller lots- but he says the homes will be the same value as neighboring areas.

For those against the proposed subdivision they have a hard time believing that.

Gravil says: "It's progress. But at the cost of many and I think there's only a few that are going to gain from it."

Snodgrass says the new neighborhood will have streetlights, sidewalks, and a neighborhood association. All things, he says, would make it a good community. But most importantly they will be running sewer lines to the property. And they may also get Atmos to put natural gas in the homes. Things that currently are not available to residents in that part of warren county