Bowling Green Traffic Problems

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Thinking about running out for some last minute Christmas shopping? Take a look at Campbell Lane this afternoon and you may want to reconsider.

Keirsten Jaggers is with the Department of Transportation. She says, "I'm sure it's outrageous. Everybody's out trying to shop. We've got three days left. And I'm sure people are trying to beat the weather. There's the possibility of a really bad storm and people are trying to get out now to get those last minute things."

Jaggers recommends taking it slow if you do go out on the roads. She says drive time is slow in many areas but some are especially congested.

Jaggers says, "Scottsville Road and Campbell Lane are two of our busiest roads in Warren County. And they are just going to have a lot of traffic. Period. And when you bring on the holiday season, it's just going to be crazy."

Jaggers says there's no way to completely fix the problem.

"There is a way. We make everybody not drive cars anymore. There's just no way to make things move quicker when there's that much traffic on the road."

Jaggers says all the lights in the area are synchronized, in fact, she says an engineer was hired to make sure that was the case.

"Right now, people aren't going to be able to tell that. Because as soon as you move two or three feet you see your light turn green. And you don't move you don't move you don't move, and then you move two car lengths and stop."

Jaggers says remember to give yourself plenty of time if you do go out in the coming days. The weather may cause more delays in the already troubled traffic.