Father and Son Killed in Fire

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Crews were called to the blaze at 1421 Main Street around five o'clock Tuesday morning after witnesses say 28-year old Jamie Kirkendale and her two-year old daughter Cheyenne ran to a nearby gas station for help. "Whenever the call came in from the Chevron station, we were told there had been a house fire on Main Street and a mother and daughter were badly burned."

Hart County Coroner Jeff Roten said the Kirkendales suffered second and third degree burns on their faces, arms and hands. Both were taken to Caverna Hospital and later transferred to Vanderbilt where they're listed in critical but stable condition.

Police say Jamie Kirkendale stayed inside the burning home trying to wake her fiance', 42-year old Steven Gordon and their 11-month old son Preston, but the two never responded. They were pronounced dead yesterday morning.

Police are continuing to investigate. Authorities say they still don't know what caused the fire.