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Some Bowling Green residents living on smaller, less traveled roads haven't been out since last Wednesday due to the icy conditions. But road crews worked throughout the holiday weekend de-icing and scraping the ice from roadways.

The Department of Transportation is prepared for up to an inch of snow that they can clear immediately. However, this particular storm was a tough one due to the layers of ice compacted from days of freezing temperatures.

Many roads were pre-treated before the storm by using a mixture of salt and sodium chloride, but hours of rain and sleet washed the treatment away.

The plan for the next winter storm remains the same. Larger, more traveled roads will be plowed first followed by secondary roads, and lastly residential roads. Extended Web Coverage

Winter Driving Tips

Ice Storm/Snowstorm

Winter brings treacherous driving conditions, and ice storms can present more severe driving conditions than even major snowstorms. Snow can actually enhance traction on icy roads, while ice storms deposit layers of treacherous, often-invisible ice on virtually every surface. Learn how to stay safe when facing icy conditions:

Stay safe on icy roads

  • If you don't have to go, don't. Let the road crews and Mother Nature improve conditions before you leave. Just a few hours can make a huge difference in driving safety.

  • Check your tires. If you're trying to make those tires last just one more winter, think again. Make sure you always have enough traction.

  • Time to defrost. If your vehicle's heating system isn't operating properly, fix it now.

  • Keep your car's gas tank full. This will keep the fuel line from freezing and ensure you have enough gas in case you are stranded in traffic.

  • Stock up on supplies. Always carry a functional scraper and small shovel in your car during winter. Year-round safety items should include a cell phone, flashlight and extra batteries, blanket, emergency sign and a high-protein snack bar.

  • Tell someone where you're going. If you're heading out for a trip on icy roads, let someone know your destination, the route you're taking and how long you will be gone.

  • Believe the authorities. If the local safety authorities recommend you stay off the road, take their advice.

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