Dead Cows Found on Barren County Farms

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"It's pitiful. You've got pictures of them and what not and you can see. It's pitiful. To be honest with you some of them look like a two-by-four."

Joe Green lives next door to one of the farms where some 42 dead cows have been found. Department of Agriculture officials got a call from neighbors about the animals.

George Offutt is an Ag Investigator. He says, "We came in, started looking and of course we did find several dead animals. As time progressed we found more and more."

Some of the cows were found in creeks that feed into the Barren River. The Department of Environmental Services and Animal Control have been contacted to dispose properly of the corpses.

Offutt says, "Between this location of this farm and another farm we're looking at approximately 42 animals at this time."

Green says, "And it's gonna take some tender loving care or a bunch more is gonna die."

Trailers were brought in to take the surviving cattle off the property. Animal Control will test the animals to see if they are diseased. Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture investigators are trying to figure out why so many animals are dead.

Offutt says, "Well, it is disturbing. It makes you wonder what people are thinking to let something like this happen."

The Barren County Sheriff tells WBKO Tom Holmes Sr. is facing previous animal cruelty charges. Holmes Sr. was charged with second-degree animals cruelty in June of 2004. He is pleading not guilty in that case. Now, he will be charged with second-degree animal cruelty again, as well as improper disposal of dead animals.