Remaining Cows Relocated to Different Farm

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More dead cows have been found since the Department of Agriculture began its neglect investigation on two Barren County farms.

"There were well over 50. There was about 50 of them were dead and they have been disposed of."

Barren County Judge Executive, Davie Greer, says this is one of the worst cases of neglect she's ever seen. And she says the man who owns the two farms, Tom Holmes Sr., will soon be in court.

"I know he has two charges pending against him in district court. One of them will be Friday."

Everett Chase helped move the cattle from Holmes' farms.

Chase says, "Some of them looked very well, then there were others that didn't look so well. We thought they might have been wormy or had some kind of parasite."

A veterinarian looked at the cattle and determined the only problem with them was the neglect.

Chase says, "A lot of them looked like they hadn't had a whole lot to eat."

It took two days to get the nearly 200 cattle moved to a farm on Harry King Road in Glasgow.

Chase says, "They wormed them and de-loused them and gave feed to them."

WBKO has been told that since the cattle have been relocated, no others have died and they appear to be doing better. The court will decide what will eventually be done with the cattle. Meanwhile, Judge Greer has an idea...

"I really think that maybe Mr. Holmes needs to not have cows for a while."

The Department of Agriculture inspectors we spoke to say the case will be reviewed in Frankfort Tuesday. Right now, Tom Holmes Sr. is facing second-degree animal cruelty an improper disposal of dead animal charges.