Death Row Dogs Part 2

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The last time we saw Rico he was a scared little dog entering the Green River Correctional Complex for the Death Row Dogs training program.

But that was three weeks ago. And now his handlers say Rico is a completely different dog. And he has changed them as well.

John Smithers, one of Rico's handlers, said, "It was a robbery turned bad. And I'm paying for it now. This place will teach you a lesson."

He has been in prison for about a year for attempted murder and robbery.

He said he was using drugs and alcohol at the time and he wasn't thinking about anyone but himself.

Now the responsibility of taking care of Rico is what matters most to him.

Smithers said, "This has changed my life completely. It's like having a little baby around. And you don't have drugs or anything so you're thinking more clearly. And to have something like this, it's a big joy."

John said since he has been working with Rico, he has learned to look at the world in a whole new way.