Caudill Faces Federal Court

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Former Warren County Attorney Mike Caudill faced a federal judge for the first time Wednesday morning.

Caudill pleaded guilty last month in state court to using public funds for his private business.

Wednesday, Caudill walked into federal court to face similar charges that he took $15,000 from federal funds meant for prosecuting child support cases.

Caudill entered a "not guilty" plea but is expected to accept a plea agreement similar to the one he took in circuit court where he will pay the county back for $56,000 he admits to misusing and will serve a year in jail.

Under the proposed federal plea agreement, Caudill will pay back the $15,000 and accept whatever sentence a judge decides.

Caudill is awaiting open heart surgery at Jewish hospital in Louisville, and his health is expected to potentially delay his sentencing and the start of his prison term.