Thursday's Child

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"Junior" has a zest for life and is eager to share it with an adoptive family. He's got an outgoing personality and doesn't let his physical limitations get him down.

"Everybody at school loves him; everywhere he goes everybody knows his name.”

His real name is Lester, but he prefers to be called Junior, and he doesn't know a stranger.

"I can't believe I'm on TV. I'm the most popular boy."

Even though he was born with cerebral palsy and needs help with basic needs, he never lets it get him down.

"I don't think I've heard him complain about being in a wheelchair.”

His social worker, Lana, says Junior is a fun, bubbly seventh grader who is always up for an adventure.

"He loves to be around people and do new things, try new things, talk to people, make up stories, anything he can do.”

Now that he realizes his foster home is only temporary and adoption is forever, he is eager to find his permanent home.

"Everybody will know I'm happy and popular.”

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