Report: Milk Not Only Solution to Healthy Bones

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A new report is questioning if milk is the best way for children seven and under to get calcium. The report, in the journal Pediatrics, says who drink more milk do not always develop healthier bones.

"There's continually research going on in the field of nutrition because we're constantly finding out new things between nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. And the way they work together and the way they influence each other."

But Gill says there is no reason to give up drinking milk.

"Milk and dairy foods are of course the highest calcium containing foods that we have in the diet. But for folks who don't care for those or want additional dosages of calcium they can use these other sources to get calcium in the diet."

Other sources of calcium rich foods include tofu, calcium enriched orange juice, greens, oats, and broccoli. Calcium consumption is critical to children's developing bones. However in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's recently released dietary guidelines there have been some changes made.

"They're beginning to emphasize various aspects of the diet that would include calcium and also exercise which is going to play a role in calcium absorption and utilization and of course building bone density."

Overall Gill says it is important to know which foods are rich in calcium to encourage healthy eating habits in children during their growing years.

"Dairy foods are not the only way to get calcium in the diet and some thought should be given to the other sources because we want the children to get the calcium. And if they don't care for the dairy products then we want them to know what the other sources are, because this is such an important time in their life."