Teen Loses 194 Pounds

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When sixteen-year-old John Edgar told his mother he was interested in having weight loss surgery she had reservations.

Billie Edgar says, "John had talked to me about the procedure before. And I had put it off because I thought he was too young, he needs to continue to try to diet."

But at 407 pounds his mother finally gave in to him having bariatric weight-loss surgery.

Billie says, "Just all at once I looked at him and I got to thinking he may not live to be 18. He's 16 years old and I had fear that he wouldn't be here for his 18th birthday."

So John and his mother attended a seminar with Dr. John Husted with the Metabolic Surgery Center at Baptist Hospital in Nashville.

John Edgar says, "After attending the seminar I met with Dr. Husted afterwards. He gave me all the information about it, all the health hazards. And anything I might need to know before ever considering this."

When the Discovery Health Channel got word that a 16-year-old would be having the surgery they contacted John and his mother.

Billie says, "When they approached us about Discovery working with him and filming it and following him, I was for it. For the fact that I know what it could do. But I told him it was totally up to him."

John says, "I first looked at it and though maybe I didn't want this much into my personal life. Then I thought about the different people I could help, me being at a young age when I had the surgery. I could help so many people."

Since the surgery life has changed a lot for John.

John says, "After the weight loss, I have a different outlook on how I feel and act."

Billie says, "He's so much healthier now. He's happier now. I now do not have the fear that I'm going to wake up one morning and find him dead from a heart attack."

After losing 194 pounds John is now comfortable in his own skin.

John says, "I expect to lose more. But I may not. But I'm completely happy with my weight now."