WKU Plans Parking Solutions

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If you're a Hilltopper fan,your biggest complaint about this season may have been finding a parking space before the game.

Western students say they go through that frustration everyday.

"I think it's really hard for people who drive here everyday because I hear them complain about getting here an hour early sometimes," said junior Angela Stubbs.

WKU officials heard from students during a forum today to address potential solutions to the university's parking problems.

Even with the completion of this new parking structure, the school will still be 1,000 parking spaces short of what it needs to accommodate faculty and students.

"There's a certain expectation that when I get there I'll be able to have a parking space where I'm going. And the laws of physics don't allow the number of people right now theatre on campus to park where they wanna park," says Dr. Jennifer Tougas, WKU's parking administrator.

The school is looking at a couple of short-term solutions that would include incentives for parking during off-hours and busing in from satellite parking lots.

A final decision isn't expected for at least another 6 months.