Kids Collect For Troops

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The holidays may be over, but kids at Lincoln Elementary in Franklin are still displaying the Christmas spirit.
The stepfather of one of the students there has been named an "Everyday Hero" for serving his third tour in Iraq.
Sgt. First Class Todd Cagle's service to our country has inspired the students to do something special for the troops overseas.
In honor of Todd Cagle these students are collecting items from the community to send overseas.

"It's fun and its for a good cause. Every soldier, they need more stuff everyday." - Nathan Grace, 4th grader

"We wanted to support the troops. We wanted to teach the kids the importance of volunteering and doing something within the community."- Debbie Hughes, Lincoln Elementary Guidance Counselor

The donated items will be given to Cagle's platoon as well as other soldiers that have families at Lincoln Elementary.

"It's a small piece of home and the least little bit we can do, helps more than most people realize." - Lesley Cagle- Soldier's Wife and Lincoln Elementary Music Teacher

Lesley Cagle and her daughter Megan understand how hard it is for the soldiers overseas and are proud to help.

"It's made me proud but I was already proud of him, he's already sacrificed so much. It's very hard on the soldiers to be gone." - Lesley Cagle- Soldier's Wife and Lincoln Elementary Music Teacher

It's also hard on their families back home.

"It's really sad to know that he's pretty far away from you and it makes you feel like you can't wait for him to come home." - Megan Spears- 4th grader and Stepdaughter

"There's always a worry because no matter where they're stationed they're putting their lives at risk." - Lesley Cagle- Soldier's Wife and Lincoln Elementary Music Teacher

These kids at Lincoln Elementary understand the importance of that sacrifice.

"My grandfather was in the Army. He survived but he needed a lot of stuff and we did a lot for him." - Nathan Grace, 4th grader

If you would like to donate to this cause all you have to do is drop off your items at Lincoln Elementary between now and January 18th.
The local VFW is paying for the postage and will mail the packages.

According to soldiers currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, the following items are not readily available for purchase or are in short supply:

-Microwaveable meals
-batteries (all sizes)
-baby wipes
-small boxes of laundry detergent
-lotions such as Vaseline Intensive Care
-bath towels/wash cloths
-powered beverages to add to drinking water (Tang, Hawaiian Punch, Gatorade, etc)
-portable CD players/CDs (all different types of music)
-canned meats
-metal cans of potato chips/pretzels
-chewing gum, hard candy
-canned fruits
-stationary (paper/pens/envelopes, etc.)
-paperback books/puzzle books
- telephone calling cards are ALWAYS in demand
-all kinds of candy and sweets
-microwave popcorn
-individually wrapped snacks (beef jerky, rice crispy treats, little Debby snacks, etc.)

If you are interested in sending prepaid telephone calling cards to deployed soldiers, please visit the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) website at click here. AAFES has a very good prepaid telephone calling card program which offers our deployed soldiers more minutes at less cost than many other programs.

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