Two Survivors of SF Tiger Attack Attend Victim's Funeral

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The two survivors of the deadly tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo paid their respects to the teenager who was mauled to death.

They broke their silence to the family for the first time on Jan. 08 at Carlos Sousa's funeral, apologizing to Sousa's mother.

Marilza Sousa got answers to some lingering questions.

As she prepared to bury her 17-year-old son Carlos, the Dhaliwal brothers, who were with him during the tiger attack, broke their two-week silence to Sousa about how the attack happened.

"They say I'm sorry," said Sousa.

"Never meant a thing to make the tiger mad. And that's it. That's what he said. Just walking and talking, laughing and dancing. Just normal teenage stuff."

Their attendance at the services for Carlos surprised many people, especially Marilza Sousa.

"Yes, I said if you want to come you are welcome," said Sousa.

At the Convent Cemetery in San Jose, Kulbir Dhaliwal walked with a limp, caused by injuries by 350-lb Tatiana's attack on Christmas Day.

His brother Paul has long scars on his head where the tiger held him in her mouth.

Paul is the one whose life was saved by Carlos, who paid for that act with his own life.

Marilza says she now sees her son in Paul.

Neither Dhaliwal brother wanted to talk on camera.

They were accompanied at the service by a private investigator provided by their attorney to insure their privacy and silence.

Carlos Sousa's internment was attended by a couple of hundred friends and family members.

He was remembered as a fun-loving and happy.

Marilza Sousa wants people to remember her son and his sacrifice.

She wants a memorial to her son in front of the tiger enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo.

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