Second Lawsuit Against Fmr. Gov. Patton Dismissed

A lawyer for a woman who had an affair with former Governor Paul Patton has asked the Kentucky Court of Appeals to reverse a dismissal of her lawsuit against Patton.

Tina Conner first sued Patton in Sept. 2002, alleging sexual harassment, outrage and violations of Kentucky's Civil Rights Act.

Part of the lawsuit was dismissed within months and the rest in 2006.

A few months later, she filed a second lawsuit, claiming misconduct by a public official and government oppression.

But a Franklin County circuit court judge dismissed the second lawsuit, saying Conner was trying to sue on the same issues as the first case.

Conner's lawyer told a three-judge panel on Jan. 08 that the claims in the second case are different.

Patton's lawyer says Conner's second lawsuit is identical to claims she tried to add to her first case against his client.

The appeals court hopes to have a ruling within three weeks.

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