Tompkinsville Drainage Problems

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Ray McGee has owned his house on Route 100 in Tompkinsville for 10 years. Over the years he's made many home improvements, like renovating the kitchen. But one improvement McGee would like made is out of his hands.

"When I look at what I'm doing I wonder, is it just a waste of time? Because if I ever go sell it, nobody is going to want to buy it when they look out there and see what I see with the water coming through the wall."

A six foot retaining wall was built on Mc-Gee's property with a small outlet for draining. Now his yard is routinely flooded.

"When it rains, I can't even go in my backyard. If I go out there and I try to mow it, sometimes it will sink four or five inches down in the ground."

The original plan called for a sidewalk to be built from one side of Tompkinsville all the way to the other side of Tompkinsville. But when that plan fell through, construction was stopped, and now Mr. McGee says he just wants the wall to be taken down and to have his yard back to normal.

"I've told them just put it back the way it was so I can handle the problem, but they won't do it."

McGee says state officials asked the city to remove the wall, but so far nothing has been done.

"I hate to keep putting money in it because I know with the area it's in, it's never going to evaluate much in money. But it's like a waste of time for me to do anything in here."

Tompkinsville Mayor, Wendell Carter declined comment for this story. WBKO also tried to contact state Transportation Department workers, but due to the holiday they were not available.