Meth Babies

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As the number of meth busts continue to rise, so are the number of kids involved.

Dr. Debra Sowell says many of these kids are being pulled into the drug scene before they’re even born. Dr. Sowell says some of her meth-addicted patients won’t even stop using the drug while they’re pregnant.

Mothers on meth can cause their babies to be born with physical deformities; skeletal abnormalities and can cause the baby to be born with missing limbs.

But, the problem doesn’t stop there.

The Department of Protection and Permanency is also seeing an increase in kids who need foster care.

Authorities tell us children of meth addicts can also face neglect and abuse ranging from emotional to physical.

According to the Associated Press around 3% of the babies born at Muhlenberg Community Hospital have been affected by meth.