Allen County Meth Busts

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It’s becoming a common scene.

“We’ve seen an increase, triple of what we had last year.”

An Undercover Detective with the Allen County Sheriff’s office says meth users get such a high the first time they use the drug, they keep trying to reach that same unattainable feeling.

The Allen County Sheriff’s Department busted 8 meth labs in just 12 days. They found the last meth lab on Thursday on Perrytown Road and arrested 4 people.

Police tell us meth is so addictive it just pulls people right in before they even have a chance to stop.

Authorities tell us the meth problem is increasing every year.

In 2003, the Allen County Sheriff’s Department busted 15 labs total. In 2004, that number increased to 23 and for 2005 police have already busted 18 labs.

Police say some of the reasons meth is so popular is because all of the ingredients can be bought in local stores and is easily made, especially in the country.

“In a rural community, like Allen County, you have to walk pretty much right upon one before you know what you got.”