Rural Judges Safety

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Two weeks ago, a federal judge in Chicago came home to find her husband and mother gunned down. On Friday, a man being escorted into an Atlanta courtroom for his rape trial, stole a deputy’s gun, killed the judge and 2 other people.

“We have murder trials, rapes, just like any other county.”

Small-populated counties like Butler don’t have a camera in every room or have metal detectors when you walk in the front door.

“You’re always concerned about things cause you never know what can happen.”

Butler County Judge Executive, Hugh Evans, says while they’ve talked about getting more security items like metal detectors, it would be very expensive and they’d have to reconstruct the courthouse.

Right now, the county jail is located in the basement of the courthouse and inmates are transported up the elevator with unarmed deputies. While no one hopes a threatening situation will arise the possibility stays in the back of their minds.

Residents like Jame Melton moved from Chicago to Butler County for its small town atmosphere.

“I feel protected here.”

Melton says while he doesn’t believe a situation like what happened in Chicago or Atlanta will happen in Butler County, he says you can never be too prepared.

“This day in age the way terrorism is and that kind of stuff, you can’t have enough metal detectors but I feel safe.”