Edmonson County Middle School Fares Well in Governor's Cup

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From the sound of their classmates support it's clear how well the Edmonson County Middle School Academic Team fared at this year's Governor's Cup. And that has a lot to do with the school taking top prize in a new division of the competition, the Spirit Award.

Academic Coach, Greg Grey says: "Posters, marquise, signs across our county. What we were able to do is we created a photo-CD that we turned into the directors of the Kentucky Academic Association and we won the community spirit award and we'll actually be receiving $1000 for our academic team."

Cara Beth Florence is on the academic team. She says: "Our community was absolutely wonderful. The spirit was just fantastic and it was more support that we have ever had. When we came in all the fire trucks were out and it was just fabulous. We won The Spirit Award for a good reason."

The team fourth overall in the Ashland Incorporated Governor's Cup with 279 middle schools from across the state in Louisville for the competition.

Brittany Pidgeon is also on the team. She says: "I placed second in language arts. I tied for first but I got beaten by one point in the tie-breaker. And I got 10th in composition."

More than 2500 students from around Kentucky took part in the competition. Erica Ashley was on Edmonson County Middle School's quick recall team, which placed second.

Ashley says: "It takes really hard work and dedication to do what we did and it just paid off in the end."

In the end, the spirit of the Edmonson County Middle School Academic Team is what got them the most respect.