State Budget Cuts to Blame for School Closures

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State budget cuts are causing officials in Muhlenberg County to consider closing three of its aging elementary schools. Dozens of concerned parents, students and teachers are fighting to keep the doors of their schools open. Thursday night, they voiced their opinions at a public hearing.

Parents say there's far more at stake than convenience, many claim eliminating the school will divest small communities just like Graham. Despite the fight, the school board will most likely end up closing Graham Elementary School.

Drakesboro and Lake Malone Elementary may be classified as transitional schools, meaning one or both may be eliminated down the road. The county's superintendent claims no jobs will be lost.

School officials maintain the closure will enable them to construct a new elementary school building in Greenville. Four of the state's oldest schools reside in Muhlenberg County. Last month the county lost $518,000 in state funding and anticipates additional budget cuts in the immediate future.