Barren County School Board Looking to Make Room for Growing Population

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Barren County School Superintendent, Dr. Jerry Ralston says, "We had a meeting. We didn't take any action. But we wanted to discuss facilities in the direction this was going to head in the next few years."

At Tuesday night's meeting, the Barren County Board of Education discussed three options for their growing community.

"The first was Barren County Middle School, building an additional Middle School, which perhaps could be a seven to nine center."

Overcrowding in the schools is a problem especially at the middle and high Schools. Right now the middle school has 620 students but it was built for 550. The high school has 1200 students, about 200 more than capacity.

"We also discussed the possibility of an additional Elementary School if we built an additional 7th elementary school then we think can ensure growth for this district for a number of years."

The third option was to build a Trojan Academy at the current location between the middle and high school.

"It would house 9th grade students and some accelerated 8th grade students."

Last year Barren County's Board of Education bought this property on HWY 90 West in anticipation of a growing population and the need for more schools.

"We haven't decided which school it's going to be. But it may be a middle school and perhaps a second high on down the road."

Ralston says enrollment in Barren County Schools is currently at 4200 students and is growing at an increased pace. He also says the sooner the board decides which option to take and what schools to build the better off the district will be for many years to come.