Goodrum's Defense Rests

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Lucas Goodrum's defense rested its case Thursday morning, clearing the way for a long weekend off for the jury and attorneys, before closing arguments and deliberations begin Monday morning.

Goodrum, 23, is accused of raping, sodomizing, and setting fire to WKU freshman Katie Autry in her dorm room in May 2003.

Jurors will have to decide whether they belive the testimony of co-defendant Stephen Soules (who testified Goodrum masterminded the crime and forced him to participate), or Goodrum (who took the stand yesterday and looked the jury in the eye while denying his involvement).

Judge Tom Castlen denied a motion on Thursday for a directed verdict of acquittal, saying there is enough evidence for the case to be decided by a jury.

Closing arguments will begin Monday at 9 am, and the jury will begin its deliberations immediately afterwards.