March Madness in Bowling Green

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It's basketball time at WGGC. The station is airing UK basketball during the NCAA tournament.

And around the corner in the breakroom at Hughes and Coleman Law firm, Micki Love says: "We're having a good time. We're yelling at the TV and making sure everybody knows who's going to win."

Love says even in the middle of the workday she and other UK fans will be tuned in to the games.

Love says: "I think there's a lot of die hard fans here in Kentucky so when March rolls around it's really hard to not find us watching UK when they're in the tournaments."

But for employees at Jents Elite Home Brands they've got the best of both worlds. They can come into work and tune in to the game on all of the big screen televisions.

Brent Carter says: "I really like it here because I get to watch the game at work and not really have to worry about it too much. If my boss asks what I'm doing I'll say oh I'm selling a TV. But I'm actually watching the game."

At Greenwood Ford employees and customers gathered around to catch the game.

Glenn Clark is the general manger. He says: "Productivity has dropped to zero since the game came on, but we're having a lot of fun. A lot of people out here. Got a little food out here."

But the manager has faith that productivity will get back to normal as soon as March Madness is over.

Clark says: "We expect it to increase about 150 percent as soon as this game finishes."

As long as Kentucky keeps winning it looks like these businesses and other around may be seeing more on the court action and less work place productivity.