New Wastewater-Treatment Plant in the Works

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Joe Liles is general manager of Warren County Water District. He says: "Warren County Bowling Green has experienced a tremendous growth in the last 10-15 years."

It's that reason that officials with Warren County Water District and BGMU laid out a PowerPoint presentation at the February 16 meeting of Warren Fiscal Court to address the wastewater needs our of community.

Mike Gardner is systems manager of water and sewer division of BGMU. He says: "Some of the options include expanding the existing plant. There's another option for building a second plant. We believe that would be somewhere in the south part of the county. We're not sure where.

The existing wastewater treatment plant has the capacity for about 10 million gallons per day. According to their projections that capacity will be reached in the next three to four years.

Liles says: "Anyway you want to look at it there's going to have to be something done pretty quick. And it comes down to the money involved both from the financial standpoint and the environmental standpoint."

Wastewater treatment is important because it collects wastewater from residential homes businesses and industries and treats the water and cleans it before putting it back in the river. In addition to fiscal court, the preliminary report has been shown to the chamber of commerce and it will be presented at the next city commission meeting.

Gardner says: "We will be looking for public input on this. The plan is still in draft form. We're tweaking the numbers and the various options and that will go out for public review and input."

The cost of building a new plant is estimated at $9 million, which Liles says would be cheaper than expanding the existing plant down the line because the existing site would eventually run out of land to expand.

Liles also says if a new plant is constructed, it would not be built near any residential areas. And when WBKO asked Liles about the odor emitted from a wastewater plant, he assured us the new plant will be built with state-of -the-art technology to lessen the stench and be more environmentally sound.