Students Reaction to Goodrum Verdict

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Many Western Kentucky University students were on spring break when the Lucas Goodrum verdict came in. But we found some on campus who were willing to give us their take on the verdict when we went to the Preston Activities Center.

Shadi Haddad is a WKU student. Haddad says: "I think it's a good result for this trial and that's what we were looking for, the truth. If it's the truth that will be wonderful and a great system here."

Most of the students we talked to were surprised by the outcome. But they believe even though Lucas Goodrum was found not guilty, he will have a stigma attached to him because of the accusations.

Wren Mills is a Western student. She says: "Difficult I'd say. He's got a really big black mark against him. It's been almost two years, so I think it's going to be really difficult for him."

Officials with Western Kentucky University released this statement: "We are comfortable that both the prosecution and the defense were meticulous in presenting the facts and arguments in this case and that the jurors carefully deliberated this information in reaching their decision. Today's verdict brings this criminal case to its conclusion."