Goodrum Acquitted of All Charges

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Twenty-three-year old Lucas Goodrum was found not guilty of six charges related to the rape, sodomy, and arson of WKU freshman Katie Autry.

The jury spent just under three hours before returning the verdict in an Owensboro courtroom.

Goodrum has been in jail since May 11, 2003, 1 week after the fire that lead to Autry's death.

"I knew the truth would prevail. I mean it had to. After two years of being wrongfully jailed, wrongfully accused of these charges, I'm happy to be a free man and be able to be with my family, " Goodrum said in a post-verdict press conference.

"I'm not going to hold no harsh feeling toward nobody. I'd be less of a man if I did. I ain't going to hold no harsh feelings toward the state of KY or nobody," Goodrum said.

Jurors said afterwards that they never saw enough proof to place Goodrum at the crime scene, and had problems believing the testimony of co-defendant Stephen Soules, who says Goodrum masterminded the crime.

"We presented every fact to the jury that we had at our disposal. We've worked on this case basically non-stop for the last two years. We played every card we had," prosecutor Chris Cohron said.

"God help us all, that's it," said Autry's aunt, Virginia White.

Goodrum says he will return home to his family's ranch in Texas, where he plans to ride cutting horses and "enjoy the little things in life."

Soules remains in the Warren Co. Regional Jail, awaiting a final formal sentencing of life without the possibility of parole for his admitted role in the crime.