Commonwealth Cleanup in Warren County

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"It's a mess."

Kenneth Hardcastle found out about tires being dumped near his property from TVA groundskeepers. When his friend, Craig Hunt, found out he wanted to help out.

Hunt says: "And Kenneth being a good friend and neighbor they had asked me to help me out moving the tires off the property and I was glad to help a good neighbor like Kenneth."

Hunt worked with Hardcastle in his spare time to pile up the tires.

Hardcastle says: "I checked it out and I wasn't aware there were that many tires until we started moving them. So I took my tractor and Craig took his and we moved them up here and dumped them."

Altogether they estimate between four to five hundred tires in three separate sinkholes. Jack Wright works for Warren County Stormwater Management and says their progress is the result of his agency the Environmental Planning and Assistance agency and the Building Inspector's office.

Wright says: "Today's example is an example of our groups working together with these tires is a pilot program to help citizens of Warren County cleanup sinkholes that have an unbelievable amount of old tires."

A problem Hunt says can be dangerous.

Hunt says: "Tires are a nuisance for all Warren Countians. Public health hazard because of mosquitoes. And they have the potential of entering the groundwater, and contaminating the public drinking water."

And now that the two have worked to get rid of the tires, Hardcastle has one thing to say.

"Glad to get rid of it."