KY National Guard Soldiers Talk About Attack

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Specialist Jason Mike is one of the soldiers of the 617th Police Company ambushed by dozens of insurgents about 20 miles south of Baghdad. The firefight lasted for hours. Specialist Casey Cooper says they immediately turned their guns to return fire when a rocket-propelled grenade hit.

Sergeant Timothy Nein has engaged the enemy before, and let his training take over saying, “I don't hear anything, I don't smell anything, I don't really hear gunfire. I hear it, but it doesn't even react to me. Some guys say they hear it, I just don't."

Specialist Ashley Pullen was laying down suppressive fire into an orchard from the rear of her vehicle. She is lucky to be alive. "Actually I didn't know until afterward that we were taking fire from the back at all. I was standing wide open."

Sergeant Joe Rivera of Bowling Green, along with Bill Haynes and Bryan Mack, both from Paducah, are recovering from injuries suffered in the attack, in the U.S. Army hospital in Landstuhl, Germany.