Barren County High School Football Coach's Contract Not Renewed

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"It was like a fatal blow. All that was accomplished in the past year was wiped away."

Tracy Sowers is just one of the Barren County High School football parents that's upset about the coach's contract being non-renewed. Coach Jason Scott has only been with the school for a year, but in that time Sowers says he accomplished a lot.

"The players were doing things they had never done before. They were achieving both on the field and off the field. So we are very disappointed when this decision came down."

So disappointed that about 60 booster club parents showed up at the last Barren County Board of Education meeting to request that the decision to not renew Scott's contract be reversed.

Assistant Superintendent of Barren County Schools, Bill Walter, says: "She did a wonderful job expressing their feelings and frustration. They've put in a lot of time. They're very supportive of their kids and they want to see a strong football program."

But he says the school board stands behind the decision of principal, Stacey Owen, to not renew Coach Scott's contract. That decision was based on teacher evaluations. For now, Walter says they are focusing on the future of the football program.

Walter says: "It's such a pleasure for Barren County to have such wonderful teachers and students at Barren County High School so we're looking forward to this next football season."

But Sowers says the future is iffy at this point. "If we don't do something quickly and bring in someone that's basically just like the person that we lost, this program is going to suffer."

Coach Jason Scott released this statement to WBKO: "I felt we were laying the foundation for a strong football program and the positives that can come with it within the school. Unfortunately, sometimes things do not work out when there are those who do not share the same goals and expectations you have. My wife and I have been overwhelmed by the support that the parents, students, and community have shown and want nothing but the best for them."