Bikers Rev Up Their Engines For 13th Annual Great Teddy Bear Run In Bowling Green

Harley Davidson motorcycles at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton, Georgia (AP Photo)
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More than a thousand bikers revved up their engines and rode around town, to raise awareness about child sexual abuse.

With teddy bears strapped to their bikes, the motorcyclists started their 16 mile ride from the Warren County Justice Center and ended at the Harley Davidson store.

"I just love kids, I have grand kids of my own, of course, you know, everyone has kids, but these are special kids, you know, they've been hurt at one time, maybe we can solve this problem in the United States," says Kenneth White, a rider.

"I mean if it can help kids out, cause we just love kids, I've got 12 grandchildren," added Margaret White, another rider.

It was all part of the 13th Annual Great Teddy Bear Run, that raises money for the Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center.

"Everybody here are all friends and we have a good time doing it," says Sherry Croul, another rider.

The center says that statistically, one in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused by the time they turn 18 years old.

"The bruises aren't necessarily on the outside for the world to see, but the trauma that is involved is just not measurable," says Dawn Long, the Executive Director of the Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center.

The say they love the spirit of the riders and that events like these get people to pay attention.

"The reality is, this crime is not going away, we see a tremendous number of children and it's because, until we hold offenders accountable, they continue to pick new victims, and that's really the cycle we are trying to stop and fight," added Long.

The Center also says that nationally, Kentucky consistently ranks high when it comes to other forms of child abuse.

Many of the bikers say they were just glad to ride around town for a worthy cause.

The Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center says Saturday's event raised at least 30,000 dollars.

The bikers also donated a thousand teddy bears to the Center.

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