New Businesses Coming to Bowling Green

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Since the new Wal-Mart opened things have been non-stop on Morgantown Road.

Wal-Mart Manager, Greg Stevens says: "The store has been very successful. I think for the customer traffic. But I think the businesses that would open, on this side, would just be an addition to us and also to all the customers that shop this side of town."

And new businesses are on their way.

Stevens says: "What's going in front of us here is a Hollywood Video. It's a recent addition to this side of the community. I think it's a good addition right here in front of our store."

Charlie Evans' clients are also getting ready to build in the area. Evans says: "I represent a group that has purchased property across from the new Wal-Mart on Morgantown Road and Veterans Blvd."

That business will be a wine and spirits shop. Construction is slated to begin next month on it as well as a strip mall next door.

WBKO has also learned that across the street from the new Wal-Mart a new Lowe's may be going in at this location, the current location of Causey's junkyard.

Wal-Mart’s manager says any business will help bring more customers to his store.

Stevens says: "I think we need some restaurants and some other things for customers to actually come here and shop. Spend an evening out with their family and something other to do than just Wal-Mart."

Evans says his clients are excited about opening their store because of the draw of that area.

Evans says: "Seems to be a possible new "hot corner" of Bowling Green to have a business. So I think there's a lot in store in the future for that particular part of town."

The wine and spirits shop will be owned by the people who run Chuck Evans Liquor Outlet and Chuck's Wine and Spirits.