Storm Spotters: Ready for the Weather

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When minutes matter, the dozens of storm spotters scattered throughout South Central Kentucky say they know what to look for.

"We've been through training by the National Weather Service. They teach us about the differences in storms, something that may not show up on a radar can sometimes be seen at home."

Bowling Green's Brian Lowry has been watching storms since he was a kid. These days, Lowry has one primary mission in mind, to keep people and their property safe, even if it means putting himself in harm's way.

"Even if authorities have two minutes of advanced notice, it can really help save lives."

Storm spotters are taught to look for a sudden increase in high winds and cloud coverage. Once those are spotted, volunteers call their local 911 Dispatch centers, who then contact the National Weather Service.

What is typically the most dreaded time of the year for people, is the most anticipated for storm spotters like Lowry, who says he isn't taking his eyes out of the sky.

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