Interstate 65 Set to Expand

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The Interstate 65 traffic nightmares may be over sooner than anticipated.

Transportation officials say construction will likely begin on the stretch of road from Simpson to Warren County sometime this summer.

"It's a mess, it needs to be widened. There's no two ways about it."
Those who travel I-65 say improvements have been needed for years.
"At least this is a start."

The section of interstate will be expanded from four to six lanes, and should take at least a couple years to finish.

In addition to making I-65 safer and thinning out traffic, Senator Brett Guthrie says he believes the changes will bring new business to the area.

"Having a place for people to stop to rest to spend money and create economic growth is a good thing."

I-65 will eventually expand to six lanes throughout the entire state.

Transportation officials say when construction begins, they plan on keeping two lanes open at all times to avoid traffic congestion.