Preparing for CATS Testing

This year the Warren County School District had a little extra time to prepare for the CATS test because for the first time in 15 years the district didn't have any snow days.

By having more school days before the annual exam, educators say it gives students more time to prepare.

However, since the students have only had a few days off in the last few months, the assistant principal of Drakes Creek Middle, Winnie Cohron, says the lack of days off can also be hard on the kids because they don't have a lot of scheduled days off from January to March.

Many of the students we spoke to say they're happy they've had more time to prepare for the exam and they're all happy to have a summer vacation that's a little bit longer.

The CATS testing window begins on April 18 and runs through the April 29.

Cohron says if there are a few things parents can do to help their children succeed. She says to make sure your child gets plenty of rest and eats breakfast before the exam. Also, at Drakes Creek, the kids are allowed to have bottled water while they are testing because Cohron says it hydrates the brain.