623rd Soldier Killed in Iraq

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Brenda Paronto is displaying photographs and childhood art projects from her son Eric.

"He was my only child."

Now her son is gone. Eric Toth died when a landmine blew up the Humvee he was riding in.

"He was not in no pain and I thank the lord for that."

Toth was a member of the 623rd out of Tompkinsville. His troop was deployed in January.

"He done what he wanted to do for his country. He was proud of his country. I love him very much and I'm going to miss him."

Toth died just weeks before his birthday.

"He was 21. He would have turned 22 April 16 of this year."

Toth had been married for two years to his wife, Andrea. His sister-in-law, Mindy Brooks, remembers Toth's love of life and for his wife.

"He was just a great outgoing. Just always had a smile on his face. He was really good. And he loved Andrea very much. She knows that."

Although Paronto is grieving for her lost child, "I just wish my baby was home with me."

She wants her son to be remembered this way:

"He was a good son. Very good son. He never gave me any trouble. And he was serving his country like he wanted to do."