Targeting Your Hometown: Grayson County

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In this week's Targeting Your Hometown the dart hit the small city of Clarkson, in Grayson County. Our crews stumbled upon one company unique to Kentucky. The Walter T. Kelley Company, formed in 1924, sends out 40,000 catalogues a year.

They sell everything from bee sting kits to beeswax for bee enthusiasts. There are three different production houses on site that make the material beekeepers need. One houses uses wood to make bee hives. Another house molds the wax into frames for the hives, and then another uses metal to build the honey machines.

Kellys caters to different types of beekeepers all over the world. He says they enjoy studying the different types of bees like the queen, workers, nurses, and drones. He says its producing the honey that keeps people interested.

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